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Batch Picture Resizer 7.3

Full-featured image resizing tool with conversion and editing capabilities
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Batch Picture Resizer goes beyond its obvious image resizing capabilities to offer you efficient batch image conversion, flipping, rotating, mirroring, and editing in an easy-to-use and clear interface. You can load as many individual images as required, as well as entire folders, which will be displayed as thumbnails to help you select those you wish to process. The program combines editing profiles with user-defined settings in an attempt to balance usability and flexibility.

Thus, when it comes to batch-resizing of the images selected, you can use any of the presets provided or define your own dimensions. The presets include all the standard resolutions, specific profiles for certain devices (iPod, iPhone, Sony PSP, HD TV, etc.), and simple percentage values of the original size. You can apply other parameters to the resizing process, such as switching width and height, set a predefined height, or not to resize the image when the new size is larger than the original.

The conversion process supports all the most widely used image file formats, such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, or TIFF, among others. You can also set your preferred DPI value as well as the JPEG quality, when applicable. Rotation processes involve their own settings, too. You can rotate your images clockwise and anticlockwise, mirror the image horizontally or vertically, or use a custom number of degrees to tilt the image to the desired position and define the interpolation type and the overflow method.

Watermarking your images to protect your authorship and rename them adding prefixes and/or suffixes to help you manage and organize your collection more easily. As a bonus, this tool offers you (only) two effects – an auto-balance function to correct all the basic light-related levels automatically and a grayscale effect to give a black-and-white finish to your pictures.

All of these features, if not comprehensive, add value to the main functionality of this app – its batch-resizing capabilities. It is in this department that Batch Picture Resizer really shines, combining the ease of use of its many output profiles with the flexibility of its high level of customization.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive and well-structured interface
  • Supports all the most widely used image file formats
  • Includes image conversion and editing capabilities
  • Rotates, mirrors, and flips images
  • Image file renamer


  • No support for RAW file formats
  • Limited editing options
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