Batch Picture Resizer

Batch Picture Resizer 5.1

Comprehensive image resizer and conversion tool to edit pictures in batches
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Batch Picture Resizer is not just a simple utility designed to change the dimensions of your photo collection, but it is also a powerful image editor and converter with a wide range of extra features. It supports all popular image file formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and a number of RAW camera formats, and it can batch rotate, flip, mirror, watermark, and – of course – resize any number of photos and images.

Simple as it may sound, resizing an image is a delicate task. More often than not, changing the size of a digital image implies a certain loss of quality in the process. Batch Picture Resizer knows that quality loss is not an option for all professional and most amateur users, and thus it takes the utmost care in applying high-quality interpolation algorithms to all its resizing processes so that the resulting image is nothing but a smaller or a larger clone of the original picture. The same principle applies also for the program’s extra functionality – rotation, mirroring, watermarking, flipping, grayscale conversion, etc., are all performed in a professional and quality-preserving way.

Being the program’s star feature, resizing is given a special treatment. You are offered a list of standard sizes to help you enlarge or shrink your images in the most straightforward way. You can also choose to resize the entire canvas or crop the image to achieve more accurate dimensions. The original aspect ratio can either be left untouched or modified to fit the new size, and target sizes can be defined manually when custom dimensions are needed.

Watermarking opens in a new window, and there you can define the font, the background color, the level of transparency, and the position of the text to be used as a watermark. Its preview window helps you check the results before accepting the changes.

Many of these extra functions, however, seem to have been added to the program’s interface in a random and not-very-logical way. Color normalization, grayscale conversion, watermarking, file renaming, etc., are scattered around the main window, making them hard to find sometimes. However, if quality and bulk resizing is what you are after, this batch resizing tool is both fast and reliable.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Performs many other editing tasks on your photo collection.
  • Adds watermaks for copyright protection.
  • Offers a wide range of standard sizes for fast and simple conversion


  • Non-resizing options are all scattered around the main interface
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