Batch Picture Resizer

Batch Picture Resizer 6.1

Batch Picture Resizer allows you to rescale multiple files at once
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This application is a classic image-resizing tool. Namely, it allows you to rescale multiple files at once, so that they would feature identical width and height dimensions. In addition, the utility acts as a basic photo editor and image converter.

The program provides a nice and clear-cut interface. You can easily switch between the tool's main functions, since they are conveniently organized in tabs. Rescaling pictures in batches with this app is really simple, as all you need to do is select your images and one of the standard sizes available or the custom dimensions that meet your needs. There are additional size-related features that let you enable exclusion rules from the default rescaling process. For instance, with the right settings, the program will leave pictures unchanged if the size of the original images is smaller than the width and height you selected. This way, you don't need to worry about unwanted image distortions caused by forced photo enlargements.

As I already mentioned, the program has conversion abilities. With or without the rescaling process, you can turn the imported files into different file formats. The list of target formats is not extensive, but it covers the needs of ordinary users since it includes most popular image file types. In addition, you can set the pictures' DPI and JPEG quality before saving the files. When it comes to its editing capabilities, the program is not impressive. It helps you perform basic editing tasks, such as rotating and flipping the pictures. It has an effects-related feature, but it only helps you turn the images into grayscale and normalize their colors. However, you can use Batch Picture Resizer from SoftOrbits as a bulk-renaming tool. You can change the files' name by adding prefixes or suffixes to them, but you can't enable advanced rules such as appending consecutive numbers, metadata, and so on. Still, you can personalize your pictures with text and logo watermarks to protect them being used without your authorization.

All the above-mentioned features make Batch Picture Resizer a good tool, but not great. The resizing function is reliable, but the additional features aren't outstanding. Still, the program is worth keeping, since it gathers image rescaling, converting, renaming, and watermarking functions in a single place.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use.
  • Rescales photos in batches.
  • Bulk renaming tool.
  • Watermark function.
  • Converts into popular image formats


  • Poor editing effects.
  • No advanced renaming ability
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